Book a wedding with Bliss and aid in Haitian relief

The images pouring in from Haiti this week have been heart-wrenching, and the tragic stories keep piling up. I’m being constantly reminded of how lucky we are for the blessings we enjoy daily, the very least of which are our first-class infrastructure, medical care, and emergency response teams.

On top of it, I personally am blessed every day by amazing family, friends, and a career of capturing new beginnings. I feel so fortunate to photograph two lives starting fresh, united in a rebirth, surrounded by all the integral beauty and joy of the festivities. Thus the stark contrast, between my existence and those enduring through the day-to-day in Haiti, has been foremost on my mind.

When faced with such disparity, one can’t help but want to lend a hand, in whatever way, to those in need. So Bliss Wedding Studio will be donating 5% of all wedding packages, booked between now and the end of June, to the American Red Cross’ Haitian Relief Fund. Each donation will be made in the name of the couple booking the wedding package.

Together, let’s hope we can help return a little Bliss back to the people hurting in Haiti.

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